5 Questions to Ask When Getting Double Glazing Quotes

Thinking about getting new double glazed home windows? Smart move! New windows can make your home more cosy and power efficient. Plus, they improve your own home cost. Score!

But preserve up – don’t just go with the first quote you get. You gotta keep around and ask the proper questions. That’s how you’ll discover the nice window employer and get the maximum bang for your dollar.

Not positive what to invite? I was given you! Here are the top 5 questions to ask while you’re getting double glazing quotes:

1. What Types of Double Glazing Do You Have?

Did you realise there are exceptional styles of double glazing? Yep, they’re not all the same! The major types are:

Basic Double Glazing

Two panes of glass with air or gas in among. It’s the most inexpensive option however it is still manner better than single glazing!

Low-E Glass

It’s got a unique coating that reflects warmth lower back internally. Keeps you warmer in wintry weather and cuts down on power payments. Neat, huh?

Triple Glazing

This one has 3 panes of glass instead of . Best for without a doubt bloodless regions or houses on noisy streets. Pricier although!

Ask the window businesses to interrupt down the variations for ya. They need to be straight up approximately your alternatives and assist you pick what’s fine to your crib.

2. What Are Your Window Frames Made Of?

The cloth of your frames makes a massive distinction in appearance, rate, and how lengthy they remain. Most not unusual types are:


Plastic frames which are reasonably-priced, tough, and smooth to keep. They normally close 20-30 years. Solid preference!


Super light but robust. They are available in hundreds of colours however can let loose extra heat than uPVC.


Nothing beats the natural look of wooden frames! Hardwoods like o.K.Are actually lengthy-lasting. Softwoods are cheaper but don’t preserve up as well.

There’s pros and cons to every one. Chat with the window people about what’s exceptional for your house and finances.

3. How Energy Efficient Are Your Windows?

With loopy excessive strength expenses, you need windows that keep the warmth in! The extra efficient they are, the lower your payments will be. Win-win!

Here’s what to search for:


This measures how easily warmth escapes through the window. The lower the variety, the higher! Aim for a U-fee under 1.2 for optimum performance.

Solar Heat Gain (SHGC)

SHGC tells you ways a great deal of solar warmth receives through the glass. A low SHGC is tops for staying cool in the summer season.

When you’re comparing costs, do not just observe the rate. Peep those U-price and SHGC numbers too! The most efficient windows will save you coins ultimately.

4. What About Security Features?

Your new double glazed windows ought to keep burglars out as well as keep heat in! Modern home windows come tricked out with all sorts of safety enhancements.

Keep an eye fixed out for:

Multi-Point Locks

Basic home windows have one measly lock. Go for ones with at least three locking factors all around the body. Way more difficult to interrupt via!

Beefy Hinges

Flimsy hinges are an open invite to crooks. Quality windows have reinforced hinges that can’t be jimmied open.

Toughened Glass

This glass is warmth-dealt with to be superb sturdy. Laminated glass has a special layer that makes it shatter-proof.

High-Security Lock Cylinders

These locks snicker at lockpicks and drills. They were given all forms of anti-robbery functions to keep baddies out.

Grill the window organisations approximately their security specs. The true ones could be pumped to inform you all approximately!

5. What’s the Warranty Situation?

Even the fanciest windows will have problems down the line – seals breaking, condensation, hardware hitches. You wanna be protected!

When you’re eyeballing those charges, search for:

10+ Year Guarantee

Any window organisation well worth their salt will assure the frames and glass for as a minimum 10 years. The high-quality offer is 15-20 years!

Insurance-Backed Warranty

This protects you if the corporation is going stomach up. A coverage company will take over the guarantee.

Solid Customer Service

Check opinions to see how they treat customers after the sale. You want a local organisation that is gonna be there for you and attack any troubles quickly.

The guarantee and carrier are just as essential as the fee whilst selecting a window agency. Don’t sleep on it!


Dropping dough on new double glazed windows is a big decision! You’re smart to compare quotes and ask lots of questions. It’s the key to getting killer quality and value.

Remember, the lowest price ain’t always the best deal. Look at the whole package – energy efficiency, security, frame materials, warranty.

Armed with these 5 questions, you’re ready to size up those double glazing quotes like a pro. Your house (and wallet) will high five you later!

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