Unhappy with Hair Transplant Results? Reasons Why It Happens?

Hair transplants are safe and effective, with a 90-95% success rate. In rare situations, hair transplants may disappoint. Fortunately, there are ways to fix a bad hair transplant. A hair transplant repair or revision is done to fix it. Finding a hair transplant surgeon for repair is difficult. One should choose a revision hair transplant surgeon with expertise in such procedures. One such surgeon is  Dr. Nandini Dadu, known for Repair Hair Transplant in Delhi

We’ll discuss the most common reasons hair transplants fail, what to check for if one suspects a problem, and what to do if a transplant doesn’t work.

Why Do Some Hair Transplants Fail?

Hair transplants are generally effective, however, they might fail for a variety of reasons. If an individual’s hair transplant fails, don’t give up on the procedure entirely; understanding why a hair transplant may fail might help one make a better decision.

Here, we’ll examine some of the most prevalent reasons hair transplants fail.

  • Hair Transplant Graft Rejection.

Graft rejection is one of the most prevalent reasons hair transplants fail. It is frequently similar to kidney or heart transplant rejections and is generally understood as the body rejecting the transplanted hair.

But this is not the case. Instead, it indicates that the transplanted hair follicles will not grow regularly with the rest of the hair. This could be due to many causes, including lichen planopilaris. This condition attacks and destroys the hair follicle, leaving scarring. This causes permanent hair loss and is one of the reasons why hair transplants fail in some people, and it can go unnoticed before surgery.

  • Ineligible for Hair Transplants

One’s overall health and hair condition regarding why hair transplants fail cannot be overstated.

The ideal hair transplant candidate has a good donor area of hair. Failure to have a thick, healthy donor area with hair suitable for transplanting can result in a failed hair transplant.

  • Poor Hair Transplant Aftercare

Recovery and aftercare are important parts of every hair transplant. Correct post-transplant care supports the transplanted hair follicles, stimulating growth and healing the donor and transplant sites.

Failure to follow proper aftercare can lead to a failed hair transplant. If one gets hair transplant, follow any instructions the surgeon provides. This may involve sleeping in a position that minimizes friction in the transplanted area and avoiding exerting extended pressure on that location.

  • Inexperienced Hair Transplant Surgeons or Clinics.

Sometimes, a hair transplant can fail due to untrained surgeons or clinics.

While hair transplants are typically safe procedures, their popularity has led to their widespread availability in clinics. However, they do not follow the necessary safety and cleanliness criteria.

When considering a hair transplant, ensure the clinic is registered with and inspected by a regulatory agency that provides safe, high-quality clinical practice in all healthcare facilities.

One should also confirm that the surgeon is registered with a recognized institution. These professional organizations ensure that a hair transplant surgeon is regulated and adheres to their strict norms of behaviour.

These are some reasons that can lead to an unsuccessful hair transplant. 

What To Do If A Hair Transplant Fails?

Sometimes, hair transplants may not satisfy the patient’s expectations. If an individual’s hair transplant does not meet their expectations, it can make one unhappy with the results. In that case, one has many options, like a second hair transplant, scalp micropigmentation, revision surgery, and many more. One of the most advised procedures is a second hair transplant and revision hair transplant. Let’s find out about it. 

  • Second Hair Transplant.

If an individual’s initial hair transplant did not produce the desired results, one can still have a second one. A second hair transplant can help enhance follicle density in damaged areas and provide coverage for significant balding spots. Many patients seek a second hair transplant because they believe their first failed and are dissatisfied with the outcomes.

Before undergoing a second hair transplant, the surgeon must determine one’s eligibility.

  • Scalp Micropigmentation

Alternatively referred to as a hair tattoo, it entails meticulously finishing and filling in any balding scalp regions with colored pigment to mimic hair follicles.

These can be tailored to the patient’s hair type and style; depth and angle modifications are available to help achieve a natural-looking outcome. Scalp micropigmentation is often considered when high-density hair transplantation is not possible.

  • Revision Surgery.

Revision surgery is often performed after a failed hair transplant caused by the surgeon’s poor performance. If one is dissatisfied with a current clinic and is seeking a new one, advanced clinics provide various forms of revision surgery.

Top Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi for Hair Transplant

If one is dissatisfied with a hair transplant, one can consult DMC Trichology, a leading Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi. The clinic provides a variety of correction treatments to help disguise and repair any poor transplants or unsatisfactory results. The procedures are safe and effective, and the experts can help one attain the desired look.


Schedule a consultation with DMC Trichology Clinic in Delhi having branches at Rajouri Garden (West Delhi) and Vasant Vihar (South Delhi) today.

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