Proven Tactics To Get More Instagram Comments In 2024

Since the Instagram algorithm is constantly evolving, social media marketers need to keep up and find an effective Instagram strategy.

A strategy that will not only get you more Instagram followers but also increase your engagement and get people to post more comments on your content.

Simply put, the more engagement you get with your posts, the more likes you will get on Instagram. The algorithm sees it like this: the more people interact with your Instagram account, the more likely their likes, comments, and followers are to show that they are likely to stay on Instagram.

How to get more comments on Instagram

Posting regularly may not be enough. However, there are many simple tricks you can use to increase your Instagram comments, more likes, and ultimately more followers.

Oh, and forget the sales receipts; This practice is completely useless and worthless. I need real comments on Instagram from real people!

1. Maintain reciprocity

It is always recommended to maintain reciprocity to get more comments on Instagram. In short, this means spending time finding your best followers and commenters and then interacting with them by following them, liking their posts, or commenting on their feeds. It is very important to build a good relationship with your subscribers or fans.

Acquisitions are often made with the aim of:



Another organization in your industry

With these recordings, you can generate more comments on Instagram, both on your account and on another account. Here’s an example of an acquisition we agreed to with our friends at WeWork. WeWork was able to share the stories of its brand and its members with a whole new group of engaged HubSpot subscribers.

2. Share your posts in your stories

This trend has been gaining popularity lately, and for good reason. Instagram’s algorithm is making it increasingly difficult to appear in your followers’ feeds.

So share your regular posts in your stories. This way, more people will see your new content and you will ultimately get more comments on Instagram.

3. Tag people, brands and places

It’s as simple as it sounds. You tag people, their friends, brands, or other accounts on Instagram. You’ll receive a notification that makes it easier for you to grab other users’ attention and display your content in different places.

You should also add locations to your favorites so that people near you can find you more easily. One of these trending updates is Reels, which is enjoying great popularity.

They post about how they dealt with a particular event in their life and then suggest to their followers how they can deal with similar situations in life.

Instagram influencers generally have a large, loyal following of fans who are likely to follow and try out what their influencer tells them. By collaborating with the right influencer, you can achieve greater engagement with your brand. Most collaborations can be done through sponsored posts.

4. Post pictures of other people’s faces

Let’s face it: selfies are a lot of fun. And it turns out they’re useful for your Instagram strategy too.

An analysis of more than a million Instagram posts conducted by the Georgia Institute of Technology and Yahoo Labs found that posts with a human face were 32% more likely to attract comments and 38% more likely to receive comments. There isn’t much information about why this happens, but researchers suspect it’s partly because faces are powerful sources of nonverbal communication that people respond to, even when they’re just born.

Post content with selfies, group photos, and candid photos on Instagram and see if your audience also likes the human side of your brand. Create

4. Memes

Memes are very popular on social media and people like to tag their friends under them. These visual elements can increase engagement on your Instagram profiles.

They are also very easy to share. If your meme is relevant and consistent with your brand, you can use it. And who doesn’t like to laugh?

You can “borrow” them from other websites, but I recommend making them unique and making them yourself. There are many free apps for creating memes.

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