Non-toxic Blue Henna Hair Dye Provides Best Results

The problem of chemical substances getting absorbed in our bodies and affecting our health has woken up global populations to demand natural products, especially those meant for external use. Among these products, the non-toxic Blue Henna Hair Dye has become the trending product on the market as it provides bright hair color without the negative effects of chemical-based hair dye products. Still, one finds oneself wondering, What is the non-toxic blue hair dye, and why do users seem to be drawn to it? Alright, let me explain more details.

What is Henna?

Henna, scientifically called Lawsonia inermis, is a plant belonging to the family Legionidaceae whose leaves are used to prepare the dye. Traditionally, henna has been applied to the body as a temporary tattoo, mainly in the Middle East, India, and Africa. Originally, henna barks were used to create reddish-brown coloring, but with the development of organic hair coloring, henna has been designed to produce this color, blue. 

Understanding Non-toxic Hair Dyes

Natural hair dyes are not produced with chemicals like ammonia, peroxide, and PPD (para-phenylenediamine) that are normally used in synthetic hair colours. The above chemicals may lead to skin allergies, harm the hair, or lead to chronic health complications in the long run. On the other hand, non-toxic hair dyes utilize natural substances that are safe for the scalp and hair and, hence, considered healthy. 

The Appeal of Blue Henna Hair Dye

There are several reasons that make blue henna color different, including: On the aspect of color, blue henna hair dye has a unique color compared to all the other hair dyes. While most synthetic blue dyes may give a bluish color that seems metallic or unnatural, the color of the blue henna brings a soft, rich blue shade that will look natural and vibrant on most skin types. This dye has been embraced by the young adult population, who want that unique fashion statement, and the old, who want that perfect grey line.

Ingredients of Non-toxic Blue Henna Hair Dye

The first component of blue henna hair dye is, obviously, henna, as the additional components are actually rather unremarkable as they are safe additives. However, to transform the fabric into the required blue shade, extra natural ingredients like indigo powder, cassia, and other natural extracts are added. These ingredients not only impart the required color but also impart conditioner to the hair, making it healthy and shiny. On the other hand, normal dyes use chemical products that, alternatively, make it devoid of its natural moisturizer and affect the hair in the long run.

How to Apply Blue Hair Dye

Applying blue henna hair dye is a straightforward process, but it requires some preparation to ensure the best results:

  • Preparation: Before applying henna, one has to dissolve it autonomously by sprinkling water and adding henna to it to make a fine paste. Google, it’s best to let it rest for at least a couple of hours, figuring that this would help the dye come out.

  • Application: Section off your hair before applying the paste, starting from your scalp down to your hair ends. Wear gloves while doing so so that your hands do not get stained.

  • Waiting Period: Put on a shower cap and wait for about 3–4 hours before rinsing off the hair dye. So the longer you leave it, the darker the color that it eventually takes.

  • Rinsing: Wash the henna off and wash it under running water when it becomes clear. Do not wet your hair again with shampoo to avoid diluting the color that has been applied to your hair.

Safety Considerations

Even though it is blue henna, which, in any case, is non-toxic, carrying out a patch test before the treatment is still recommended. The benefits of natural dyes are that, first and foremost, it is required to make a test of the dye on a piece of skin and leave it for one day to check for signs of an allergy. Also, do it in a well-ventilated area because breathing in dust from the powder used in the application will not be good for your health.

Benefits of Using Blue Henna Dye

Therefore, apart from beautifying our hair through the use of dyes, there are other merits, specifically the blue henna dye. Combing through the hair can easily be done with henna, which imparts a silky feel to the hair. It also improves the structure of the hair shaft and diminishes hair breakage; in general, healthy hair is needed. In an environmental sense, because no chemical substances are used when producing natural dyes, it lowers the amount of chemicals that flow into the water and pollutes these sources of water.

Results of Using Non-toxic Blue Henna Dye

For people who wish to darken their hair, blue henna hair dye guarantees that they achieve the best color that is long-lasting, and a natural process of fading takes place without accentuating the division between the newly colored hair and the roots. Indications have it that the dye usually lasts 4-6 weeks, regardless of what hair type or hair care regimen is adopted. It develops its final color within the initial 48 hours after application, and the color usually becomes more intense within the first few days.


Safe and natural blue henna dye gives women an opportunity to brighten and change their hair color without causing damage or harming their health. The fact that henna adds a brownish tint to hair and has been known to have a positive impact on hair health is also attributed to the fact that more people are embracing the use of this herbal powder as a hair dye product than chemical-based dyes. So, when planning a change or seeking to be unique and stand out from others, blue henna is worth investigating.


How long does blue hair dye last?

The blue henna hair dye normally lasts between four and six weeks on the hair, depending on the hair type and how often the hair is washed. 

Is blue henna suitable for all hair types?

Yes, blue henna is suitable for all hair types. However, the final color may vary depending on your natural hair color and texture.

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